Welcome to Braincentre Europe Neuroscience Group


BENG is a cooperation of selected European specialistic institutes in EEG, QEEG, neurology, neuropsychology and neurofeedback.

This cooperation has led to a unique exchange in information, giving us the use of the most up-to-date protocols and databases, from both clinical and scientific research. See publications for recent articles, written, or selected by our people.

We organise training courses on neuroscience and applied-neuroscience. See the education education button for 
information about upcoming courses. Upcoming courses are '2 days advanced EEG and qEEG assessment' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (
26 & 27th. of November)/Munich, Germany (15-18 July) and 2 days course; 'neurofeedback, a practical aproach' , Amsterdam, the Netherlands (October 28-30).

For more information about our institutes and practices, contact us via info@braincentre.eu or contact one of our institutes.

Braincentre Google Group, accesible for Braincentre trainees and neuroscientists

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